RitmAbo is a performance series for percussive dance and live music. The show series has been seen in Turku Finland since 2010. RitmAbo performance is a fantastic blend of artistic collaboration, prepared program, unexpected moments and improvisation on stage. Experience the luminar guest artists and the unique athmosphere of the shows!

"The dialogue between the dancers and musicians was faschinating to watch", Turun Sanomat

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FRI MAY 5th 2017 at 7pm TURKU

Flamenco Heart
Friday May 5th at 7pm VIMMA TURKU
Experience passionate Flamenco evening in May!
VIMMA, Aurakatu 16, Turku

Photo: Layrry Ramirez

Sofia Castro flamenco dance
Pepita Rohde flamenco song
Gori Mazo flamenco guitar
Jussi Lindroos percussive dance and vocals

In May RitmAbo series continues successful collaboration with flamenco artists. Friday May 5th we will see on stage at Vimma charismatic flamenco dancer Sofia Castro, flamenco singer and dancer Pepita Rohde and guitarist Gori Mazo. On stage also tap and vocal artist Jussi Lindroos the host of RitmÅbo shows. The show will include both traditional flamenco performances combining song, dance and guitar and some excepts from Sofia Castro’s new work Pulso that will premiere in stokcholm only two days before.

Sofia Castro is a flamenco dancer who has root in both Uruguay and Sweden. She has lived and worked long time in Seville Spain. Her dance style combines passionate expression to strong percussive foot work. Castro has collaborated for long with guitarist Gori Mazo. Mazo was originally a electric guitar player, but then changed to challenging flamenco style. The duo has performed with flamenco singer and dancer Pepita Rohde from Copenhagen, who will join them at the performance in Turku. Rohde, earlier a contemporary dancer and church singer, has been working with flamenco since 1990 in Copenhagen and Nordic countries.

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